Best GameLit / LitRPG Audible for 10yr old?

What should we grab with our credit this month?

Aft Ashes
2 min readMay 9, 2021
“Enter my dungeon if you dare!” cried the dungeon core

What’s a 10 year old doing listening to GameLit/LitRPG books anyway?

Even worse, one with a specific interest in the dungeon core sub-genre.

How on earth did that interest develop? Well, blame their parents, and of course Minecraft.

Oh and Dungeon Warfare on both Switch and Android (DW2 there). And a couple of great authors in the genre publishing on Audible might also to be to blame.

But why Audible? Well because dyslexia sucks and we don’t want the challenge of reading to be a barrier to a keen interest in stories and story telling.

So back to the quest should you choose to take it..

Please, tell me (as a Medium response) of an Audible that you would find appropriate for a 10year old in the GameLit / LitRPG genre. Hey Dungeon Core sub-genre even better.

And yes we have done the search through the Audible catalog — it didn’t come up with much and doesn’t really distinguish many as child friendly.

And please say why — what was it that made it your favourite.

Quest Specifics

That means a GameLit/LitRPG story with:

  • no harems (actually how about we just say PG relationships in general — think Disney)
  • no swearing (hmm is crap, shit,damn and bloody okay? Not really..)
  • no torture (but fantasy violence is okay for 10 year olds right? How else would MineCraft make the grade? Dungeon Warfare?) and
  • I’d like to say “and no questionable morality storylines” but then I’d be excluding a whole bunch of stuff we as a community consider okay and that’s a very subjective requirement..
  • so how about “not too dark”.

Is there any other “mandatory” criteria you’d suggest?

Hey we could have asked this on Quora, but Medium pays better for “attention” and participation right?

Feel free to write a short story up for us on Medium and we’ll record and narrate it for you! Maybe get it up on Audible for next months credit?




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