The Privilege of Education

and the arrogance and bias developed while getting it..

Aft Ashes
3 min readMay 11, 2021
Photo by Sammy Williams on Unsplash — because be quiet child! What would you know..

“ Essentially, if you haven’t worked out how to write by the time you’re ten or eleven, forget it. You don’t have the command of language, and no writing course is going to teach you that. That’s my opinion, anyway.”

said Tessa Schlesinger

And she said more too if you’d like to know:

I initially liked the opinion. It gave me a laugh. And hey, I topped English at school (in a developed nation), got good (great) marks and communicated effectively (in writing and verbally) enough to get a scholarship straight from school.

I was picked to be one of an elite group for that “scholarship”. My future was shiny! Until it wasn’t.

But as a new Medium writer, I was encouraged!

“I’m all good! I’m on track!” I thought.

Even though I did choose to become an engineer rather than a ballerina (or a professional writer) when I left school.

And I thought about it. And thought about it. No idea why, it was just one of many articles I read that day.

And then while I was doing my daily walk (where I do all my best thinking) I was suddenly hit with horror! All my friends in Cambodia, PNG, the people I’ve met in my travels around the world? Which was mostly not to the nice parts (not their fault).

They’re screwed!

If she’s right.

Which means she can’t be. And then I thought about all the people I read on Medium (I am/was an engineer), and yep, many of them aren’t that great in their ability to use English. Or to write.

But boy! Can you imagine putting yourself out there like they do knowing that you’re bad (really bad?) and yet doing it anyway? Practicing (which is pointless right?).

So, for someone who calls themselves a “Global citizen, thinker, progressive? who believes benevolence is a survival mechanism?”

What on earth were you thinking!?

But of course you’re not going to read this — because I’m a terrible (unknown) writer right?

But at least this isn’t in a publication so you might get to see it. Hey, I know.. I’ll link to this in my response to your article. That way it’ll be in your face..

Either way — not very congruent thinking and talking Grandma! You have been writing for over 60 years by your own words right? You’re a progressive?

Hey wait. Did I just gatekeep you grandma? Did I just focus on your age, something outside your control, as a way to excluded you?

You’re old!

How did that make you feel? Can you hear me yet? See me?

Maybe you will listen to someone with way more hits and followers than me?

Gatekeeping Will Ruin Your Life If You Let It | by Sean Kernan | Better Marketing

Thanks Sean, couldn’t have said it better myself!

Or maybe you were just trolling me? Thanks for that — got today’s article from it.

Shame really Tessa, I quite liked what else you had to say.

Love Aft



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